Thursday, November 19, 2009

words unspoken..

thousands of words left unspoken...
buried deep inside
unable to comprehend
unable to be expressed
how i wish i knew what was the right thing to do
how i wish that i didnt feel this way
i hate this feeling
excited about the other feeling
scared about this one
worried about the other one
being forced on this one ( get a puppet to control!)

sometimes its so easy to forget everything
just turn on and watch them, its like a whole different world
i wanna go there, can i?
but having experienced it there, i feel i cant survive
cant mix, cant talk, please get a life!
do u want to be like this ur whole life?
intimidated, low self esteem, unsure, scared
ur missing out!

then again, when u consider all aspects of life..
all these seem insignificant
life is short, think about the time when they lower ur body into the grave
think about when all that has left you,
what do u have to bring to the other side?
is it enough?
only there it is important for u to survive..
so please stop being sooo uh...
u know u can do it...
all thats done is planned.
just go through with it..
do the best u can
accept it
make a choice
because u dont know when its ur time..

...such a long post, relieved...

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