Friday, November 13, 2009

7-13th nov in ho chi minh city vietnam

A lot of troubles we went through
At first we didn't want to go...
Exams next semester, late for it 3weeks because of me not because of you.
Once there, was not so bad
the hotel was okay,
cultural shock at first with all the bikes,
somehow amidst all the chaos ness on the road,
it was safe, kind of...
We had few practices before the competition,
nonetheless we tried our best
after all its not our opponent we're going against, its ourselves (credit to carol-shii)...
we manage to achieve our goal, well some of them..
beat NUS, got third...
although the trip was tainted a few..
with word which were spoken without much thinking
acts that were done without much thought..
but there were of course lots of happy times..
three stooges and only 1..
made lots of friends from all over asia..
thinking only of happy times...
pictures are stuck on my mind
will put it up here as soon as i can~ ^_^

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  1. congrats cik t,
    i bangga r ngn adik i